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Air ambulance

Sun, 01/13/2013 - 14:36
Air ambulance

An air ambulance is a service intended for patients who, for medical reasons, are unable to travel to Israel by means of commercial airlines and require special transportation. Flights from Europe and North America can be arranged within 24 hours.

The transporting plane is fitted with special resuscitators, monitors, oxygen tanks and other equipment required depending on the patient’s condition. Its crew consists of experienced pilots, physicians and paramedics specially trained to provide emergency medical care (including resuscitation) during a flight.  If necessary, two accompanying persons can travel with the patient.

Sometimes, medical transportation can be carried out on a regular commercial flight. In such cases, the patient boards the plane accompanied by a physician and/or paramedic, with special equipment (aviation oxygen, defibrillator, monitors, etc.) brought onboard.

If you need to arrange air transport for a patient who cannot travel on a commercial flight, please contact us and provide detailed information regarding their medical condition. As each case requires special planning and organization, it will make it easier for us to plan out all the details.

We will contact you a few hours of receiving your application to discuss various transportation options, and within 24 hours the air ambulance will be in the air.

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