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Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

Thu, 01/10/2013 - 16:50
Hadassah Medical Center

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center, is one of the best medical facilities in the world. Consisting of two university hospitals, Hadassah Mount Scopus (Har-Ha'Tsofim) and Hadassah Ein-Kerem, it's one of the largest medical services providers in Israel, assisting patients from all over the world.  In 2005 the hospital was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for “compliance with the standards of equality in the treatment of patients of all nationalities,” and for its “contribution to promotion of peaceful coexistence between nations.”

To date, the hospital has more than 70 different departments, 9 ICUs, 31 operating rooms; it also operates a network of 120 outpatient clinics and health centers throughout Israel and abroad. Combined, the two Hadassah facilities have a total of 1,000 beds. The organization’s medical staff exceeds 5,000 employees, including 800 physicians, many of whom are world-renowned specialists, who've developed groundbreaking treatments and pioneered various medical techniques. Each year, more than a million people receive treatment at Hadassah; thousands of them travel from abroad: North America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America and so on.

Hadassah works in close cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the oldest and one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Israel. Additionally, the hospital runs schools for medical personnel, as well as advanced programs for medical students from the Hebrew University and physicians from all over the world.

The hospital also operates different research laboratories in a variety of fields, which are responsible for the majority of medical research conducted in Israel. They were instrumental in breakthroughs in multiple medical disciplines, including genetics, stem cell therapy, and bone marrow transplantation, and helped Hadassah Medical Center earn a resounding reputation amongst the international medical community.

In order to provide medical services to foreign nationals, Hadassah Hospital has established a department of medical tourism. Every year it accepts and processes thousands of applications, prepares treatment programs and ensures that patients from abroad receive all the necessary services – translation, accommodation, etc. Tens of thousands of people around the world are alive and well thanks to the treatment they've received at Hadassah.

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