A Growing Number of North Americans and other Foreign Patients are Seeking Medical Treatment in Israel
The medical tourism industry has seen a major increase in the past decade and Israel has become one of the most popular destinations.   read more

Most Medical Tourism Companies in Israel, "attach" their patients to a public hospital, where he receives no preferential treatment. This significantly extends the duration of his stay at the hospital and limits the choice of doctors that treat him.    read more

Patients, undergoing surgery or other procedures in Israel, can enjoy their recovery by staying in a relaxing vacation environment in beautiful surroundings. Patients accompanied by a family member or friend can enjoy some quality time, relaxing on the beach or going shopping     read more

Dr. Amos Toren

Amos Toren

Dr. Amos Toren is the head of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology and the head of the Stem Cell Transplant Unit.

Dr. Toren is a senior lecturer in Sackler School of Medicine. He is a specialist in Pediatrics, General Hematology and Pediatric Hemato-Oncology. His research interests include bone-marrow transplantation and the genetics of hereditary hematological disorders, mainly genetic syndromes characterized by macrothrombocytopenias. In addition, his research includes the characterization of stem cells derived from different sources like cord blood, bone marrow and peripheral blood. He is also a part of a group that studies apoptosis in hematologic malignancies and genes that are activated by P53.

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