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Endoscopic correction of the spine

Tue, 12/18/2012 - 13:53 Orthopedy
Correction of the spine

New medical procedure performed in Israel - endoscopic correction of degenerative spinal disease (hernia of disc) and resection of adenoma in pituitary gland. This unique neurosurgical procedure is done with minimal surgical intervention.
The most common spine disease is characterized by disc lesion or osteophyte pressure (bony outgrowth) on the spine nerves. With the exception of the conservative treatment (massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, analgesia, etc.) the usual treatment is removal of the spine disc and/or the bony outgrowth and fixation of the operated spinal segments with titanium straps. At best, this type of surgery has a 70% success rate, is often accompanied by post-operative complications (even disability, at times), long hospitalization period (up to 4 days) and a prolonged rehabilitation period (up to 6 months). Also, one of the more common side effects of fixing spinal segments with titanium straps is the appearance of disc lesions in overlying and underlying segments.
Advantages of new endoscopic correction of the spine:

  • The surgery lasts 60 to 90 minutes only;
  • Release from hospitalization – one day after the operation;
  • Success rate (complete release from pain for at least 10 years) -  up to 95%;
  • Lack of postoperative complications;
  • There is no need for cavity operation; it is performed through an incision – of only 1.5 сm;
  • No rehabilitation period, return to  regular activities within 24 hours after the operation

During the operation on the cervical section – the incision is done on the front;
while operating on the thoracic or lumbar section – the incision is done on the back.
The endoscope is inserted into a small incision. Bony outgrowths are removed by means of the endoscope, the damaged part of disc is removed, and the undamaged part of disc is set back in place (without the use of titanium straps or plates). The nerve is released from pressure and the myelinic nerve sheath is regenerated with time.    
Currently, the above-mentioned operation is performed in only two clinics in the world, one is in Tel Aviv, and the other is in Pittsburgh, USA.
Additional advantage of this unique procedure is its use in the resection of adenoma in pituitary gland. The operation is performed through the nasal canal, lasts only 90 minutes, does not require reanimation, and the patient is released from the hospital one day after the procedure without tampons in the nose. The cost of this operation is $18,000.

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