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Lozinski – Ukolov Family

We are grateful to all the staff of Manor Medical Center and Dr. Alexander Kanevsky personally for providing us with the best medical care available. For the past 4 years, our whole family undergoes annual health check-ups in Israel. We are very satisfied with the quality, organization and the level of medical examinations performed at the best medical centers in Israel. We’ve been treated most by most experienced doctors .
With gratitude Russia, June 2014
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I express my deep gratitude to Manor Medical Center for the excellent organization of my son’s medical treatment at Assuta Medical Center. Working with your company allowed us to undergo medical screenings with state-of-the-art equipment in only a few days, to receive results and get consultations by the best Israeli doctors; during our stay we learned a lot about Israeli medicine in general, saw the country and got some rest.

Special thanks to Dr. Alexander Kanevsky for efficiency, optimal choice of medical examinations and consultations, for professionalism in selecting medical specialist; as well as for attention and moral support extended to us during our stay in Israel. Special thanks to Dr. Hasminsky, who accompanied us to all consultations and medical treatments and put a lot of effort into making our stay both interesting and useful.

I would like to say a few words about the organization of living conditions. There were no problems with housing. The apartment, offered to us, was in line with our requirements.

Many thanks for the excellent organization of the guided tour to Jerusalem provided to us free of charge by Manor Medical Center. We are completely satisfied with the services provided by Manor Medical Center, we will continue to working with you and will recommend your medical center to our friends and colleagues .
Sincerely yours Russia, November 2014
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Galina Shirayeve

I would like to share my impressions regarding the medical treatment received through Manor Medical Center. I was advised to contact Manor Medical by a close friend, who already received medical treatment through your center. She came back with a very positive impression – she was able to restore her health!

I'm still at the beginning of the road to recovery, but the most difficult part - the choice of the path to that recovery - is behind me. I can confidently say that I was treated by first-class doctors; the organization of all medical screenings, consultations and treatments had been very rapid, and complemented by attentive attitude of all the staff at Manor Medical Center. And then there was Israel itself and the sea. The sea gives one strength and energy! I wouldn’t have been able to experience so much happiness, along with the string of endless worrying, anywhere else!

In addition to medical treatments, performed at the highest level, all organizational issues related to accommodation, transfer, just rest and excursions were also resolved by Manor Medical. A very important point – Manor Medical organizes logistical support on all levels, including travel and accommodation. Many patients, myself included, are worried regarding the medical treatment they are about to receive, therefore the presence of professional medical coordinator that accompanies you all the time is very important.

I must point out that the team of Manor Medical is one of professionals! I never regretted that I chose this medical center! I cannot refrain from thanking my friends and family for the moral and financial support extended to me, especially my mother, without their support medical treatment at this level would’ve been impossible!
Best wishes Russia, January 2014
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Galina Rizkova

I want to thank "Manor Medical Center" for their excellent work. My medical treatment and the whole stay in your wonderful country were excellent on all levels, from the meeting at the airport to my departure. Professionally organized work of your coordinators allowed me to undergo medical treatment without unnecessary aggravation and stress. Also, my stay at hotel "Isrotel" and guided tours to Jerusalem and around Tel Aviv, provided by Manor Medical free of charge, allowed me to relax and unwind. My visit turned out to be a very good mix of business and pleasure.

I left Israel with most favorable impressions as regards the doctors, hospitals and medical personal with whom I was in touch. Medical coordinators are not just competent and professional, but also sensitive and caring. For their self-control, calmness, the ability to communicate with patients and competent answers to all questions - the highest score! Many thanks for your excellent work .
Russia, August 2013
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Tiberdin Family

Hello and best wishes to Dr. Alexander Kanevsky and the staff of Manor Medical center! I want to thank you all for the medical treatment we’ve received in Israel. Everything was organized at the highest professional level; we have consulted the best Israeli doctors such as Prof. Pnina Langevich, Dr.Baum Sharon, Dr. Margolin and Dr. Sophie Barnes, all of whom were attentive and most importantly made correct diagnosis. If not for them my children would have lived on hormonal medicine for the rest of their lives.

I hope we’ll have a chance to visit your medical center again (this time as tourists): and to thank each and every one of you personally. All the best to you and your loved ones!!! !
With love and respect Russia, January 2013
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The Wolin-Zheryadinyh Family

Boundless gratitude to the staff of Manor Medical Center for medical care provided to our family. We are very grateful to Dr. Alexander Kanevsky for most efficient organization of all the required medical screenings and consultations by highly qualified doctors. Due to his high level of professionalism, organizational skills and sensitive, attentive attitude, we were able to solve a number of medical problems in a short period of time, during our stay in Israel.

Our deepest gratitude to all staff members of Manor Medical Center that performed their work with great efficiency and reliability. They were very friendly and supportive during the time they accompanied us to all medical procedures. There are no words to express our appreciation to Dr. Avi Heifetz, who performed flawlessly the most complex surgery!!! We wish all the staff good health and success in your noble work !
God Bless you Russia, June 2012
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